February 24, 2009


Today I stayed home sick from school to rest and wait for my antibiotics to kick in. I went to the Dr. yesterday complaining of a bad sore throat and ear pain. Turns out I have an ear infection and it is causing the sore throat and sinus stuff. Not fun! It was great to stay home and sleep in, but I still had to go up to school and help out with the Africa presentation. I couldn't miss it and all the hard work we've put into it! The kids did great and all 20 of mine showed up! The pictures above are a class picture right before we went onto the stage in my room and the other is of one of my groups of 5 presenting their research project on Madam CJ Walker.

I also had a baby check up today. Everything looks good, I am measuring right at 23 weeks and have put on weight-not too much/not too little. "She is very active" the nurse said when listening to her heart beat which was 148 today. Seems like every time we listen to her she is squirming and moving. I thought maybe I should cut my sugar intake but the Dr. says no. She is just a wiggler. She's happy! :o)

All is well with Adam and his work. He installed a dimmer switch in the nursery. It makes it "very peaceful in there."-his words!
We worked well as a team to hang a mini chandelier.- pictured. Wow! That was quite the ordeal, but we got it up and it looks great!! All we need is furniture and Teigan to make it perfect!

February 21, 2009

Nursery Paint!!

23 wks

This week was great! Half way there!!

Last night we went to some friends house that we haven't seen in a while and had Mexican food and enjoyed their company! This couple is due in May! We are so excited Teigan will have a friend who's mommy loves shopping just as much as hers! It was great seeing them again!

Today Adam and I plan on finishing the stripes in the nursery. The candlelight glaze is barely noticeable so we are off to get a metallic paint to hopefully achieve what we are wanting! Here is a better picture than the last of me and my growing belly!

Next week will be busy at school. The students are doing independent ocean animal research and getting ready for parents to come to Open House, we also have our Africa program Tuesday night. This whole month with Black History month we have also been teaching them about Africa since our team leader lived in Africa for 13 years. We taught the students to say some things in French and sing a song in French. I will take lots of pictures and I am hoping Adam can go to record it on video. They've been working so hard to get the walk down and making their costumes. The boys brought pillow cases and decorated them. They are called Bobo's and every time the word is said they laugh and laugh. The girls (including me) will wear the African skirts and head ties with a baby doll strapped to our backs. It is going to be cute! I also have a small group of 5 students who will present their black history poster on Madam CJ Walker. It is amazing what these 6 year olds can do these days. They researched her in class with library books and the internet and worked as a group to sum up her life and then draw it on a poster. I am very proud of them! Friday is a half day!! YAY!! But teachers have training the rest of the afternoon.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm sorry it has been such a long time since I posted! I feel like I have so much to say- this might be long... :o)

Tonight we had a nice dinner at Kobe Steak a Hibachi restaurant right by our house for Valentine's day. It was very last minute but they got us in and it was very good and enjoyable! We had reservations at Adam and my favorite steak house, Silver Fox for Friday but were unable to go since I came home early from school due to a very uncomfortable feeling in my pelvic area. Somewhat the same feeling I had when we went to the hospital a few weekends ago. (for those who don't know - it was due to dehydration-with minor contractions from an irritated uterus. They basically treated me for a bladder infection and told me to increase my water intake. It's crazy how much better I felt after drinking a TON of water.) Friday this uncomfortable feeling was accompanied by a stomach bug and exhaustion from the night before. Lots of things on my plate and some changes taking place due to this lovely economy. I kept myself awake and worried- the last 2 days had taken a huge toll and it finally caught up to me. I am working hard on getting my stress under control, for Teigan's sake and for mine. Also for Adam's sanity!

Yes, Teigan (TEE-GAN) is what we have been calling our little girl and we love it! She has been very busy lately and Adam and I enjoy watching my stomach move when she moves. We played some music to her tonight before dinner. She was kicking a lot to Rascal Flatts new song. It was pretty funny! She is growing fast and I am feeling it!

Today was very busy. Adam finished painting the nursery's base color and tomorrow we will start the stripes with a candlelight glaze to make a shimmer effect. It is turning out well...the color we chose ended up having a tiny pink tint once we put it up on the walls, so I think it is going to be perfect! We also finished registering. We have registries at (Lonestar Baby and Kids), Babies R' Us, Target, and a few things on Restoration Hardware baby ( There are so many things to think about when registering and I'm sure I will be adding and deleting things as the months go on, but I feel more accomplished having that taken care of. Next on the list is to buy the furniture!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!