April 9, 2009

30 week check up

We had our 30 week check up today! Teagan's heartbeat was great at 144 and my blood pressure also good. I am measuring a "little small." Nothing to worry about. The doctor we met today ( not my OBGYN but another in the practice ) felt to see about how big she might get. I told him I was a 9.5 baby and he said no way she'll be that big- he thinks she will be around 6.5 maybe 7. We shall see! He said she's put on most of her weight already and now lungs are developing more as well as more brain development. I am feeling her like crazy and was concerned why her punches and kicks were hurting. He basically said with my size I can probably feel everything and my belly is stretched to the max so there is no where for her to go. I feel great besides being tired and a little irritable with my 20 kids in class. For the most part they are being sweet. Today one little girl saw me bending down picking up scraps of paper from their assignment off the floor and she said "Mrs. Colberg, I'm sorry you have to keep bending down to pick up all our trash. I would be happy to volunteer!" Very thoughtful of a 6 year old I thought. :o) They LOVE touching my stomach and seeing if she will move for them. She has kicked or moved for everyone in the class so no one feels left out! We are hatching chick eggs for Science this 9 weeks and they are loving that! I am not a huge fan of touching the eggs in the incubator and turning them but maybe once they hatch and fluff up I will enjoy their presence in my room. Adam is very busy at work with the new Obama HASP (Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan) being implemented. We are really excited about all of the family/friends coming in for the McKinney shower on the 25th! Can't wait to spend time with everyone!
We are also excited to say we found someone to watch Teagan next year!! Her name is Holley and she only watches teacher's kids so she can have holiday's and summers off to be with her 3 children (2 yr old, 5 yr old, 8 yr old) She used to be a special-ed Pre K and Kinder teacher (tons of patience!) and lives in McKinney! She only takes 4 children one of which is part time (2 days a week) and she is very affordable! She was a huge blessing and it just worked out perfectly that she was in need of one child to fill a spot that will open up come August. This all came about right after I found out I did not receive maternity leave. I will have the summer with Teagan, but back to school when she is about 2 months. "When one door closes another opens!"

Happy Easter!!