December 16, 2008

Ice Storm

I thought this was the perfect day to blog. We had really icy weather last night and school was canceled today! I made my way out to the grocery store this morning and it took me a good long while to make it there. The roads are pretty bad! I made it safely and was excited to return home to start making Irish Cream. We give this to our friends each Christmas.
I am feeling good! Tired and hungry. The sickness stage is over past 13 weeks so I am very lucky to say I never once got sick! My pants are no longer fitting. I have not shopped for maternity pants yet -I'll save that adventure for a later date :o)
I fly out on Sunday December 21 to go to Lubbock! I will spend Christmas there and return to McKinney the 29th. Adam will join us in Lubbock on Christmas Eve. He is driving and bringing Bella along. All of the places to board dogs were booked! We called 4 or 5 different businesses. No luck. We will enjoy her company and I think Roxy (Carter's boxer) will have fun playing with her at Mom and Dad's.
Last time I wrote I mentioned that my team did not know about my being pregnant. Well they now know and the staff at my school knows as well. My principal told the staff at our Holiday Christmas party last Wednesday after school. She said there was a new colt on the way (the colts are our school mascot). She said if that's you stand up. So I stood in front of all the staff and everyone cheered. Lots of hugs and conversations about how I was feeling, the due date, etc. I will tell my class on Friday- possibly earlier. They are very good at picking up on these sorts of things. A couple of them overheard another teacher telling me congratulations and they asked why she said that to me. I told them I would tell them Friday what early Christmas gift Santa brought me!!
We are not finished Christmas shopping yet! I feel like we should be. We still have a couple more people to finish up on Saturday.
Hope everyone is well and has a very Happy Holiday! Our next blog will be around the 30th of December, our next doctor's appointment!