November 23, 2009


It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is in a few days. I never believed people who said "enjoy every minute because time goes by so fast", but they were right. Teagan saw her first Christmas lights last night at the Shops at Legacy Tree Lighting Festival. The weather was in the 60's. Teagan was cozy in her stroller cover

The big tree lights were turned on at 6:30 and we made it JUST in time and saw it with our windows down, driving past looking for a parking spot. Having a baby also makes it hard to be anywhere on time. We had that problem before Teagan was born, so now it's even harder! After we found a parking spot we walked through a huge crowd to get to Mi Cocina and have dinner with Brody, Gabe and Lindsay. After dinner we took a few pictures by the big tree. Walking back to our car the lights caught Teagan's attention and she stared for a while as we pushed her past in her stroller.

This lighting makes me think of the Carol of Lights in Lubbock. Not nearly as good but it's as close to home as it gets.
We can't wait to take Teagan to that!

Mom, Dad and Carter will arrive on Wednesday for Thanksgiving! We are very Thankful they are able to come and spend time with us. I am also thankful I will be able to eat Mom's cooking this year! Last year Adam and I stayed here and had Thanksgiving just the 2 of us. I attempted Mom's recipes- it's just not the same!
I will enjoy helping cook and I found 2 new recipes we are anxious to make: Pumpkin Turtle Cheesecake and Pumpkin Spice Muffins with vanilla pudding and cream cheese in the center. Will be so yummy with coffee! Thanks Mom for bringing your coffee maker also since we are in need of a better one! On Friday we hope to see Aunt Linda, Uncle Alex, Hannah and Colt since they will be here for the Tech vs. Baylor game Saturday. Adam, Carter and Dad will attend the game at the new Cowboys stadium! Should be fun!
I am also very thankful that I can stay home this week and enjoy my time with Teagan. She has developed such a funny little personality and I love being able to see it during the day!
On the agenda for today:
-Clean out my purses and shoes.
-Take them to Plato's Closet and try to sell them!
-Go to Saxby's to get a Snickerdoodle latte!

Adam and I also wanted to say how much we love and appreciate everyone in our lives. Adam's Aunt Teri passed away last week and we are thankful he was able to go spend time with family. I'm sorry to Jeremy and Shelby for your loss and not being able to come with Teagan for the service. From what Adam told me it was beautiful and a perfect celebration of life. We will miss Teri but cannot deny how happy and free she must be now! I can only imagine how wonderful a reunion between her and Scott it must have been! We are thankful for the time we got to spend with them. All our love XOXO

November 8, 2009


Daddy always makes me smile!

I LOVE spending Sunday with my 2 favorite people! We get a lot accomplished on Sunday. It's time to start thinking that Sunday's get the week off to a great start! No more thinking Sunday's are dreadful because they are the end to the weekend...

November 7, 2009

Rolling over and Trade days

Today we went to a Holiday Trade days type thing at a Jr High down the street with Brooke, Gavin, Brooke's mom, Lindsay and Brody! It was fun except for when we were leaving 3 bees found my sonic cherry coke and landed on it while it was in the cup holder of the stroller. I stood there in the parking lot for a while planning how I was going to get the cup out of the cup holder without getting stung and then proceed to fold up the stroller and place it in the back of my car quickly! I was shaking so bad when I finally decided to grab the cup and throw it away from the stroller and RUN! Teagan was already safe in the car but I was still worried that the bees would find their way inside the car and sting her! Thank goodness we got away without any stings. I'm sure if people were watching they got a good laugh.

At the Jr. High 3 ladies came up to Teagan and told her how pretty she was and how much they loved her flower. She looked at them for a second..thought about it.... then started crying! It's the new stage she's going through with certain strangers. I feel bad but I guess it's her way of telling them she isn't in the mood for them to get in her face!!

Here she is rolling over!