August 9, 2010


It's been so long since I've posted it took me a couple of tries to log in to our blog! Can you believe it's already August?! Back to School time is here! I love my new school and classroom. It is very big and I have already unpacked and started decorating! My team is going to be amazing and I can already tell we are going to have lots of fun this year! Our numbers for 1st grade are very high so we will be getting another teacher to join our team, that'll make 4!! Can't wait to meet her :)

Adam started his new job with the company August 2. He is doing well and he enjoys it much more! I know God has a plan for him and this is a part of it. He will do great and has already had to take over with the partner going out of town his 1st week on the job. I think it's the best way to learn- just get thrown in and do your best! He might disagree with me on that one ;)

Teagan is saying and doing. She is always saying 'ide!' (Outside) I wish it wasn't quite so hot and there weren't so many wasps flying around our backyard- we would stay out there longer. I don't know what the deal is with all of these wasps but I am hearing other people talk about the same problem in their yards. Adam is always out there with Teagan's shovel and wasp spray. He comes in and announces "ADAM 3 WASPS ZERO!" He even stepped on one with his foot the other day when it landed a little too close to Teagan.

Adam introduced Teagan to turning on the sprinklers and running through them yesterday evening! They had a blast! Mommy stayed inside and worked on some things for a baby shower we are giving for my dear friend Abby on Saturday! I'll post pics when that takes place! We are so excited for Chris and Abby! Little Landry will be so loved :)

I am getting so very close to being finished with Curriculum Writing for MISD Science/Social Studies. I have 2-3 more lessons and I will go have some 'Mommy-juice' to celebrate when those are over! I have never wanted to get something off my plate so bad! I now understand why people run for the door when asked to do curriculum writing (in the summer!) Lesson learned :)

I know you were probably hoping for pictures or video but the video camera cord is MIA! I have an idea of who took it but where she placed it....I don't have a clue! It'll turn up soon I'm sure. I've been finding things in the freezer lately. She knows how to open that and the old coffee maker is on the floor in the pantry...found some things inside there also :)

We went to the Dr. and Teagan is exactly 25 lbs. She is using words which helps in knowing what she wants but when she doesn't know the words to what she wants screaming for it seems to be just fine for her :)

Words she says:
Hiiiiii. (all the time) Walking in the grocery store- 'Hiiiii' to older women who walk by. No Hi's to men. If they don't hear her- "Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi" in different voice pitches.
Bella (ella)
Juice (uice)
Thank you
Bee (bbbbbb)
Outside (ide)
Shoe (oo)
More (will say it or use sign language)

Teagan can:

Howl like Bella. Hillarious! Especially when we are at a restaurant :)
Cow (mmmmm)
Monkey (ee ee, does her arms)
Quack (duck,duck,duck)
Boat (brrr - makes lips vibrate)
Lizard (sticks tongue in and out)
Elephant (lifts her arm above her head like the elephant trunk)
Point to a picture of a frog, bee, monkey, duck.

She will follow simple directions like go get a book, let's sit in your highchair, sit down (I told her at Scotty P's (hamburger place) that we were going to go sit down while Daddy got our food- she sat down immediately in the line and looked up at me like- I'm ready!)
Let's change your diaper, take a bath (she now knows how to turn the bath water on- yikes!)She knows where to throw the diapers away, she closes all doors, cabinets, refridgerator door if left open...or not...if the door smacks you in the back- Teagan's trying to close it while you are getting something out.

She is a little sponge and likes to be on the go! I have loved every second spent with her this summer and I can't wait for her to have so much fun at her new daycare. Her teacher is so sweet and really likes Teagan ALOT! She made bunny ears the other day while she was there- they were very cute! I can't wait to see what this school year holds for us!