November 20, 2010


We are so blessed and so very thankful...

For our God who shows us every day that He is. We are thankful to Him for Teagan, the gift so precious and perfect we could have never imagined how blessed we would be.

For our family who is always there to listen, give advice, and stand by us no matter what. We are thankful for you.

Our friends & co-workers, new and old, we cherish each friendship and are thankful for you.

We are looking forward to having Thanksgiving at our house this year! Getting Trinity and Teagan together will be amazing and a start to a lifelong friendship that we are all excited to see! Spending time with Adam's mom, dad, Justin and Colleen (Adam's brother and his wife) who we don't see often enough. Jed (Adam's uncle & his family), Christy, Jackson and Tyler will be here and we are excited to spend the day with them! Christy's mom, dad, and sister are also joining us on Thanksgiving and we are so happy to see them! Ann(Adam's aunt) and the kids(cousins) are driving in from Albuquerque and we are thankful they are able to come spend time with everyone too!
We have our Turkey & Ham - thanks to Hamm's in downtown McKinney!

I will enjoy the 9 days off we have from school, although I LOVE my job and my class, I am looking forward to my time with Adam and Teagan!

I'll post Thanksgiving pics after Thursday!


"If I prayerfully spin my bad thoughts into truly positive, uplifting, thankful thoughts, then I start to focus on the blessings..."