June 23, 2009

Teagan Michele Arrives!

Sorry for the delay in posting! It has been a crazy week! We are so glad our little girl is healthy and arrived into this world on Wednesday June 17, 2009. What a special day to remember!!

Hospital picture- 8 lbs 14 oz

Who would have ever guessed that was how big she was! She was squished up in my belly so tight. It is so strange that one day I had a big shelf and now there is nothing there. It has been very nice to be able to sleep on my right side again as well as my back. The recovery process from the hospital has not been a bad one. I am now off my pain medicine and only taking Motrin as needed for cramping pains associated with nursing. Teagan is doing great with eating and goes every 1-2 hours in between last feedings. Every newborn has a goal of 8-12 feedings in a 24 hour period and she is eating about 14 feedings so we are on track! Our first doctor appointment is this Friday at 10! We love our pediatrician. He came to visit us in the hospital and talked to Adam all about his family and 3 year old little boy. He and his wife also have another one on the way. It's nice having a "family oriented doctor" since he has most likely been there and knows what it is like to go through this amazing experience!

Daddy watching Teagan warm up after the nurse bathed her

Adam will return to work a half day on Friday to make sure he is all ready to go Monday when he starts back. I am having a hard time thinking about him leaving us during the day because he has been amazing. I couldn't have married a better man and now he has exceeded my expectations as a father and spouse. Waking up in the night with me even though all there is to do is feed her. He changes her diapers and lets me get all set up and ready to nurse. He always asks if I need anything and jumps up to go get the things we might need. He is wonderful and what a great Father's day- just in time!

Teagan on Father's day June 21, 2009

We had both sets of grandparents here on the night before we went into the hospital (Tuesday June 16). My parents left Saturday morning and Adam's left Sunday afternoon. Adam and I are very thankful for all of the things they did for us. You hear so many "over bearing grandparent"stories from other people but Adam and I can honestly say we had wonderful memories and experiences with Teagan's grandparents and we loved every minute they were here! Thank you Mom, Dad, Chuck and Lynn.

Teagan with Grandparents

First Bath
She likes them! Thank goodness!!

June 12, 2009

39 wks

Yesterday was our 39 week checkup at the doctor and everything was good! Teagan's heart rate was at 138 and she was moving all around. My blood pressure was good and I am dilated 2.5 which is progress from last Thursday's appointment. My cervix is still posterior (too high) and we will go into the hospital at 5pm on Tuesday the 16th to spend the night and take a medicine to "soften my cervix." This medicine is supposed to last for 12 hours, but in some cases has sent others into labor soon after so Teagan will either be here the night of the 16th or early on the 17th!! If she is born on the 17th that day is very special to Adam and I because 4 years ago June 17th he proposed to me in New Mexico! We can't believe her birth is only 4 days away now! Today is Adam's last day with Bank of America for 2 weeks! We have all weekend and Monday to spend together and go on dates before the big day Tuesday! We are so excited for this little girl to turn our world upside down!

June 6, 2009

Waiting Patiently

Well, school is out for summer and this year flew by! It seems like just the other day I was getting my classroom ready for my first year in McKinney ISD!!

We were telling family and friends we were expecting a baby- which seemed so far away at the time! Now we are only days away from her birth instead of months and weeks!! Adam is going crazy- he cannot wait for Teagan to get here! I am doing good and still feeling great! If all my pregnancies go as well as this one I would love to have 3 or 4 kids!! :o) I'll come back to that comment after the delivery and see if I still feel the same way!

Everything around the house is ready.

My nesting is pretty much over. I finished up organizing and labeling the game room closet yesterday. Adam was not too excited to see all my scrap-booking things, including an open bottle of glue (I did a little scrap-booking as I went along with the organizing) on the pool table. I was very careful and we had no glue spills! I feel much better getting that closet done and now... we still wait.

The hospital bag keeps getting rearranged and I removed some things but only to add others that I decided might be better.

My plans for this week are thank you notes, thank you notes and thank yous!! I have some done but lots more to go! My Mom also bought Teagan the cutest baby book so I am going to buy some calligraphy pens and fill that out as much as I can before her arrival!

Adam has had a relaxing 3 days off ("storing up his sleep" as everyone keeps telling us to do) and he will play golf tomorrow morning. We are planning on a movie tonight! Enjoying our time together as much as we can! Bella also getting in her Daddy time.

Tomorrow I am meeting a couple of college friends, who were also in our wedding, that I haven't spent nearly enough time with while being pregnant. They are coming to see the nursery and then we are grabbing lunch!

Happy summer - We will keep you posted!!