August 30, 2009

First Saturday of the School Year

Yesterday we had a great Saturday together! Teagan woke up- sat in her bouncer on the kitchen counter while I made Lemon Poppy seed muffins and scrambled eggs for breakfast. She laughed and cooed. Then she fell asleep so I put her in her swing (which she LOVES!) I took a video of that. She is mesmerized by the lights and the sounds of birds and crickets. I still need to get a water noise CD. She is very still and calm when she hears running water. Except if its the bath water! She kicks her feet and gets really excited when she knows its bath time! After her nap she woke up and came and sat in the bathroom while I showered and got dressed for the day. She is very entertained by her hands lately and puts them in her mouth a lot. Now her chewing on her hands is not so much a hunger cue anymore :) We left around 11:45 to meet Adam on his lunch break. He had to work yesterday :( but had a good day for a Saturday. 3 loans. We met at the Shops in Legacy and tried a new salad place called Salada. It was REALLY good. Thanks Lindsay for the recommendation! We will definitely be going back. It's a line where you choose your lettuce, veggies, fruit, nuts, all sorts of different flavored chicken, shrimp, dressing. It's in this huge bowl and really good. Their Passion Green Tea is also very good! After lunch we met Brooke and Gavin at Stonebriar in an attempt to get my phone fixed at the new Apple store. I couldn't figure out why it was freezing and the screen would go black when someone would be calling on call waiting. Well the guy said I have missed 2 updates. Oops! Needless to say I am glad I didn't have to be in the Apple store long because it was a zoo! We wandered around for a while and then decided to go to Target which is always fun! Teagan is such a trooper when we shop. She sleeps and I hold things up to her to see if they might fit. She is now wearing Carter's Medium (3-6) month. She is a healthy girl! I'm still nursing and hope to continue for as long as my body will produce. When we came home from shopping we had some play time and waited for Adam to get home. I love the weekends now and really look forward to the time spent with her. I look forward to Sunday's when we can attend church as a family. Even though I am going up to school today (Sunday) after church, Teagan will be there with me and she'll motivate me to hurry up, plan and get out of there!!

I'm trying to upload a video from yesterday but I need to make it shorter...its been trying to upload all day! The file is too big. I'll post it tonight!

August 25, 2009

School Year Begins

I apologize for the lack of posting on our blog! We've been extremely busy with Teagan being awake more and getting back to work and figuring out how to get everything ready the night before to make for a much less hectic morning! Thanks to Mom I had a great "Academy Week" at school. She was amazing! Making me a healthy breakfast each morning and packing good things for me to snack on during the day. Going to get coffee in the morning- Market Street has much better coffee than our coffee maker! Mom was super woman- taking great care of Teagan, keeping a detailed schedule of her day, making lunch when I would come home during my lunch break, coming up to school with me and helping me get my room ready for Meet the Teacher night while also taking care of Teagan there! I could not have done it without you!! Thank you.
Today marks the 2nd day of the 2009-2010 school year. I came home in tears yesterday. I won't lie, leaving Teagan during the day is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Sending her to a complete stranger and just trusting that she will take the best care of our precious baby is very difficult. Teagan is doing great though as we knew she would! She has fallen into a good little pattern/schedule and is sleeping for 6 hours during the night- which is a wonderful thing! We are still finding ourselves exhausted though when we come home from the day. I have 21 students in my class this year. I have been blessed with some GREAT students this year, but then there are also always those challenging ones :o) The first few weeks are always hard and very busy with trying to establish your rules and routine with the students, but also diving into the curriculum and doing pre-assessments to see where they are. They are catching on quickly and I am feeling more confident my 2nd year with MISD. I was talking with someone the other day and I can't believe I've already been teaching for 4 years. The time is flying by!
Adam and I are really enjoying watching Teagan attempt to talk and her smile lights up her whole face. She is such an angel. Who knew we could love something so much! Here is a video we took of her tonight while we were in the kitchen waiting on our homemade pizza to cook!

August 10, 2009


It has been a long time since I've posted! We can't believe Teagan is already 2 months old! Tomorrow I will take her to her 2 month appointment where the dreaded shots are given :( She is sure to shed a tear which I saw today, they have finally come and it is heartbreaking. We returned yesterday from Horseshoe Bay lake in Marble Falls where we spent the week with my mom and her 3 sisters. Then the guys met us on Friday for the weekend. Here's a picture of the crew:

We were sad to leave and come back to the reality that is setting in...summer is coming to an end. I am having a hard time realizing that I won't be spending my days with Teagan. We start back this Thursday officially. Where did the time go?
I will post more pictures as they are sent to me by mom, Aunt Linda and Aunt Patty. Adam brought the camera with him Friday and I only took a few shots:

My mom and dad saying their goodbye to Teagan, Uncle Carter with Teagan (my little brother), the cousins and brother playing in the lake, and Teagan making funny faces inside lake house with Daddy taking the pictures