March 27, 2010

9 months

YAY! Spring time is here! Time to get out for more walks and getting familiar with the grass...

Teagan was very unsure about it...

But found it very interesting! There is always time for a teaching moment...

Teagan is 9 months old now and I can't believe we just celebrated 2 of her friends 1st birthday's! She's next!
Here is a picture I got of Brody the birthday boy last Saturday...

At 9 months Teagan can:
-pull herself up to standing position and likes to push her baby stroller

-crawls (all 3 ways!) Bear crawl is my favorite. When she reaches the tiled areas she will straighten her legs and lock them at her knees. It is hilarious! She knows the tile is cold on her legs if she crawls normally. She will still army crawl now and again too.
- recognizes and says, "Dada, Mama, Bella, ball, and baba (bottle)" Yesterday she started saying "no no" back to me...
-only eats table food. Refuses and slaps at or pushes your hand away if you try to spoon feed her baby food.
-Picks and chooses what she would like to eat on her tray. I will scatter a few options and she knows exactly what she wants. When she wants more she reaches for it with her hand and lets you know! : )
- can drink from a sippy cup!
-LOVES pears and bananas!
-likes to share her food with Bella
-has a sweet tooth or a strong preference for the cinnamon/brown sugar swirl bread.
-has 2 bottom teeth
-gives kisses. Most of the time she will just make the noise at you and hope you'll be satisfied. When she feels like it she'll give the real thing.
-likes to pat. Pat me and say 'mama' pat Bella, pat Mrs. Brooke's arm when sitting by her at a restaurant :)
-LOVES to play or hold a ball.

-wakes up talking in her sweet voice and waits patiently for someone to come get her.
-stands in her crib.
-still loves her naps and will show you she wants to go lay down by throwing her head back when holding her.
-is fascinated with wires or anything that looks like one: shoe laces, draw strings on clothes, etc.

-likes to touch my earrings and let me know she sees them, but she won't pull on them. Necklaces- that's another thing that looks like a wire!
-takes 2 naps a day
-loves to cuddle and sleep with Bear

-likes to listen to music
-can hold bottle by herself, but prefers someone else to
Teagan is such a sweet little girl and Adam and I feel very blessed to be able to experience something new with her each day!