January 24, 2010

Project Man

Adam LOVES finding projects to complete around the house. I have to admit as time consuming and stress filled as they can sometimes be...I love that about him. He isn't afraid to take something on that he isn't sure about.
Here is the new project for the weekend of 1-23-10. Filling the cut out that the builders 4 years ago thought would be a good idea to put in the living room. The dimensions are so strange we cannot find any type of furniture to fit in there without being too skinny, too tall or too wide. The furniture we have had in there since we bought this house has always been too big. We had it turned and sort of sticking out...which actually worked for the layout of the living room. Old picture...but you can see how it sticks out at an angle...

Well for the past 3 weekends Adam has been MIA working on his birthday project. He got a projector and screen for the media room and moved the flat screen tv that was in there to above the fireplace in the living room. We sold the living room tv and now have moved the piece of furniture that held that tv to the hallway across from the dining room! I love it for extra storage!
Here are pics of his final Media room/Fireplace project...

So, now we need an open shelving/bookshelf type thing to hold the media equipment for the living room tv. If it is in the piece of furniture that was there, the doors always had to be open for the remote to work. Adam decided to go to Home Depot and try and attempt building something himself. On Saturday morning, pulling out of Home Depot, he hit a pot hole and most of the supplies he bought flew out of the back of his truck. He looped back around to pick them up out of the road and they were GONE! Discouraged, he came back home and said, "lets just go buy something." We spent all day Saturday looking for something to fit those strange dimensions...Nothing! So today (Sunday) he woke up and went back to Home bought the missing supplies that took flight out of the back of his truck...came home and we got to work. YES thats right, WE. I helped. And took pictures!
Step 1: Adam measures and makes a plan

Step 2: Bring inside ALL supplies. Screws, drill gun, LOTS of boards, liquid nails, hammer, nails, crow bar, ax (haha) yes we used this to help push the shelf into the hole in the wall...ALL living room

Step 3-10: Build it

Step 11 and I lost count: Stand it up, frame it out, push it into the inset in wall, run cords through back and plug them in, paint, frame it with crown molding and put in some decorations!

Teagan slept for 2 hours this morning and we were able to build the unit and shelves while she snoozed. When she woke up we stood it up and she played happily in her jumper while we pushed it into the hole in the wall.

It was perfect..Adam did an amazing job and we finished this project in ONE day! Now I have those book shelves I've been wanting! And I am very proud of Adam. He is such a handy man! :)

January 19, 2010

She's waving!

YAY! I love it!! I was sitting at the computer a couple nights ago chatting with my mom when Adam walked up holding Teagan. She saw me sitting here and then smiled and starting waving!! Then, when I got to Miss Holley's today, Holley was holding her, she saw me and started waving again!! Adorable!! She makes my heart melt. Adam told her the other day her smile lights up the whole room! We were talking about how waking up in the middle of the night to her crying isn't so bad once you see her big smile as you approach her crib! It's worth it. It's so crazy how she makes your days better and brighter!!

Unfortunately we have a doctors appointment tomorrow due to her unusual behavior. With all the symptoms mentioned the nurse thinks an ear infection :( no fun for her! I hope she sleeps well tonight and we can get some medicine to help if that's the case. OR it could be just the yucky symptoms of teething...I dunno! But I will feel much better knowing that I can help her feel better!

Dad has shoulder surgery tomorrow for a torn rotator cuff. At Christmas he slipped on the ice and it all went downhill from there! I love you Dad and hope your healing time is quick and as pain free as it gets! Good thing you have Mom there to take care of you! She is the best at that. Wish we were able to come this weekend but with a sick baby both forms of transportation sound horrible-airplane or 6 hour car thank you! Amber W. I am so sorry I will miss your shower. I am very sad about that. I look forward to coming to see you and that adorable baby bump soon!

January 17, 2010


YIKES! A stage I wish could be skipped! Poor little girl was hurting so bad last night. She was fine when we went to dinner but all day she was fussy on and off. I gave Tylenol every 4 hours and she ate normal so it wasn't too bad to keep her from eating. The minute I laid her in bed she lost it! I picked her back up after a few minutes of really hard crying (which isn't typical Teagan behavior). She gagged a few times and then projectile vomited for the first time over my shoulder. She had a low grade fever the previous night that broke Saturday morning and she is very runny nosed and sneezing alot. The throw up was mostly her drainage but that nasty stomach bug has been going around my classroom like crazy, I was worried I might have brought the germs home with me and given it to her. She thankfully didn't throw up again, but she did wake up every hour with a painful scream. She was very restless and ended up sleeping between me and Adam the rest of the night. Today she seems much better but still a little off behavior wise. She has taken 2 really good naps in her own bed today so hopefully tonight it won't come back to bother her again. We are guessing we'll see a tooth within a week!

On a lighter note...her first word with clear understanding of what it is said for would be....BELLA! I caught her saying it the other morning on video. She says it when Bella is around. She will look for her and say it if Bella is not in sight. It's so cute! She will also slap the ground with her hand as if she's telling her to 'come here.' She has been saying Mama and Dada for a while now but it is more of a babbling thing.
Here are some recent pictures of her that I haven't posted yet. I love the one with her toy in her mouth! Resembles her personality perfectly.

Grocery shopping with mommy

January 7, 2010


Our photographer that we used for Teagan's newborn and 3 month Holiday photos is having a contest! We can come in 1st, 2nd or 3rd depending on how many votes Teagan gets on her photo titled "Close up of an Angel"
We would love to get 1st place and have another FREE session with Betsy!!
Go to and vote. Tell your friends to go vote too!! javascript:void(0)

January 6, 2010


This is my 4th year to teach. Tonight I received 2 letters in the mail from one of the sweetest little girls in my 1st, First grade class. She sends letters to me every now and then. It is great to hear from her and I am always excited to open the mail when Adam brings it inside and says "you have a letter from Carleeanna!" He knows that it lights a certain spark inside of me to hear from a student I once taught. I sometimes forget how much I truely enjoy this profession and why. I wish I could have a Carleeanna in every class each year. One student who allows me to remember why I love my job so much. A student who reminds me that I am impacting little lives daily. Carleeanna- I hope you got my email and you are reading this! I miss your smiling face, but look forward to hearing from you each year!

January 1, 2010

I Like the Bow!

Where's the Ball?

Christmas and 1st post of the New Year

We cannot believe Teagans 1st Christmas has come and gone and now it's 2010! Here a a few pictures of our decorations this year

What a great 2009 we had. We have many things to look forward to and blog about in 2010. (1st New Years resolution: Get better and faster about blogging!)
(2nd resolution: Bring camera everywhere to document! AND camera battery charger!!) We forgot the charger on our adventure for Christmas... the pictures I have are from Grams' camera (my mom) on the days before and after when we were in Lubbock. We did however, get video of Christmas morning in Albuquerque!

Teagan's first Christmas was wonderful! We were able to drive to Lubbock Saturday December 19th and visit my family. Then we drove from Lubbock to Albuquerque on Tuesday December 22nd to spend 5 days there with Adam's family. We drove back to Lubbock for a night and then back to McKinney the following Monday! Lots of road time. Teagan was an angel and I was glad to make the trips with Adam. We enjoyed our travel time together. My car was loaded down with toys, a baby jumper, Bella and her kennel, luggage, etc.

I am working on the videos that we took during our Christmas break so they will have to be posted later...
Here is Teagan and some of her new toys!