May 23, 2009

3 day weekend!

YAY!! 3 day weekend! We just got done with our childcare and CPR class at the hospital! It was a good class and I am glad we went. It was helpful and gets us that more excited for Teagan's arrival! Adam had 3 soccer games today- a tournament. We compromised and he attended the morning game at 9 and showed up to the class at 10:30. He hadn't missed anything I couldn't tell him about :o) Then we stayed until 3 and he missed the 12 o'clock game but made it to the 4 o'clock one. If they win this one then they play tomorrow.
It's been raining on and off today but no storms. I am about to go lay down and try to fall asleep. Yesterday was the school baby shower given by my room mom's and the students loved it! They liked for me to read ALL of the cards I opened and they "ooo and aww'd" at the clothes and cute blankets we received! They made a book for me dedicated to Teagan called "What I Like About Mrs. Colberg." I LOVE IT! They really worked hard on their sentences and words. The pictures they drew of me and of Adam- even one of Teagan with one tooth, are adorable! The cover and back are black and white polka dots to match my classroom and there is a picture of them all waving to the camera on the front. They did this with one of my students mom's (who has also been my substitute all year) one day when I was absent. Very sneaky! I posted a couple of pictures from the shower. The cake was perfect and the kids were sweet during the whole thing. I am so happy to be at this school with these amazing parents that have become great friends! God works in wonderful ways. Not only am I thankful to be so close to home but also by surrounding me with so many great teachers who are mothers that love to share advice and genuinely care about how I am doing and how they can help! I hope to be a blessing in someone's life just like they have been a huge blessing in mine.

May 19, 2009

Doctor Appt. and Massage

Today we had our first official "cervical check." I am 1cm dilated and 60% effaced!! She is making progress...
Adam is great about making it to the appointments. He was excited to hear what Dr. Sara had to say! She called Teagan "A Little Peanut" saying I had a lot of fluid and she still has room to wiggle- which she does often! She guesstimated her at not quite 5 lbs. If we make it all the way to 40 weeks gaining 1/2 a pound a week, she'll be around 7. It'll be interesting to see how good her guess is!
Teagan has to hold off until after Friday which is her last baby shower given by my wonderful room mom! The students and their parents will attend! I'm looking forward to it! Some of the kids are having a hard time keeping their gifts a secret! It's too cute.
Adam and I have all of Teagan's things washed and organized! We learned a ton about batteries last night at Target while trying to find batteries for the bouncers, toys, noise things, etc. It was fun! Did you know the number after the A, AA, B, C, D batteries (i.e., C4 or C12) only means how many are in a pack?! We thought C12 would just be more powerful than C4 but come to find out it has nothing to do with power- you just buy 12 batteries and you're set for life!
We have our things together for the hospital bags and all of her stuff ready to be packed! I sanitized all the bottles, pacifiers and bottle parts so we're ready just in case breast feeding goes down hill!
I just got home from a prenatal massage Adam got me for my birthday! It was wonderful and I feel great. Ready for bed actually :o) He is off this week at 8pm....yuck....but keeps saying how much he is looking forward to his 2 weeks off and at home with his 3 girls! Bella is awfully snugly lately...she knows somethings up!

May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Adam woke up early this morning to make Crepes for me for breakfast! They were yummy and I wish I would have taken a picture because they were beautiful! He spent a good amount of time on them because I ended up falling asleep on the couch for what seemed like an hour. We are planning on installing the car seat and base today and making a trip to Babies'R'Us! He has a soccer thing at 4 so I think that's a great time for a nap!! I hope everyone has a great Mother's day! Relax and enjoy how important you are!!

May 5, 2009

Showers and Family

Today I went for our 34 week check up and everything is perfect! I feel great- just tired and a little swelling in my feet. Teagan's heartbeat was at 140 and she was moving a lot. Kicking/moving the cord- is what the nurse said. Dr. Sara is such a great doctor and friend I am so blessed she is in my life and enjoying this time just as much as we are! From here she said if Teagan is ready to come they won't stop her! Next appointment is May 19th!

Before my appointment today I had to appear for jury duty at 8:30am!! WOW- what an experience! I got chosen for the panel of 25 jurors and they questioned me and the others to narrow it down to 6 jurors on the panel. Thankfully I was not chosen for the panel of 6 and was sent home at 12:45pm. A long morning of sitting and waiting! They were worried I'd have sympathy for the defendant I guess due to my emotional state. Whatever it takes to get out of it and go home. I had a substitute for a full day so I came home and worked on Progress Reports which are due tomorrow.

Adam has been busy putting together Teagan's bouncers, her pack'n'play, and helping find a home for everything! Living with my organization is tough but I think he'd agree- well worth it! Mom is coming next Wednesday for my birthday on the 14th and to pamper me some more by washing Teagan's immediate wear clothes and anything else she'll come into contact with! We also have a lot of thank you notes to write so she'll help address those so I can get them out and checked off my to do list! We will finish up purchasing things with gift cards that we still need and then we should be all set! She wants me to concentrate on "keeping my feet up!" I can't argue with that!

These past 2 weeks/weekends have been crazy, but wonderful! My great friends Lindsay, Brooke, Abby and Whitney threw a McKinney shower and it was beautiful! It was so nice to see everyone who came that I hadn't seen in a while. And I loved spending time with the people I am so lucky to see regularly! Then this weekend I traveled to Lubbock for another shower!! I was hesitant and paranoid to fly on the plane with the Swine Flu going around but no one appeared sick on the flight and I just made a conscious effort to not touch my mouth or face at all. I made it to Lubbock Thursday night and spent Friday with mom getting things done and relaxing of course! She pampered me all weekend!!! Always taking care of me! Saturday was the shower and that morning Adam drove in from McKinney and also Lynn. We attended the perfect shower given by 7 wonderful women! It was so good to see Amber B. (Wooldridge) and Teresa who I haven't seen in forever, as well as all of my hostesses and other friends and family who stopped by to show how much they love Teagan already! Thank you to everyone! Adam and I are truly grateful for everything! Here are some pictures of the Lubbock shower. I will post McKinney shower pics when I get them downloaded.

Have a great week!