December 7, 2009

Count down begins...

It used to be the countdown until Christmas, which we are still doing...
BUT I am personally counting down the days for Winter Break to be able to spend weeks and weeks with Teagan!
9 days! and Wednesday is a half day!
The weather is so cold recently. It's going to be a very cold winter!
Knock on wood- we've been very lucky- Teagan hasn't been sick yet. I'm still praying for a healthy little girl during the cold winter season. She had a few sneezes and watery eyes this past weekend but all has cleared up reports Holley today. No sneezing or runny nose! Must have been allergies! So thankful it isn't a cold.
We visited the VERY GOOD Santa at Northpark on Saturday. I was happy with her reaction!
She stared her blank stare and grabbed at his nose and beard. The picture is perfect because this is her usual face...

Looks familiar...

She has been grabbing a lot of noses lately. It's so cute.
No teeth yet. Haven't seen any behavior signs that she is teething so maybe one day they will just appear with no tears or pain. I've read that it has happend to parents before. All of a sudden there the tooth was! Didn't even see it coming!
We can only wish...
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family visiting. We made a ton of food!

That weekend we finally bought Teagan a highchair that she loves to sit in and I love that it matches our decor in the house! Mom and Adam joked that that was the 1st thing I was looking for in a highchair. Not true, but yes important...

I also got an early Christmas present from mom and dad that I love! The BabyCook! I have really enjoyed making Teagan's food and experimenting with different tastes and textures with her! So far she is a BIG fan of the Organic dark red apples, pears with rice cereal and sweet potatoes. I made butternut squash and corn last night and tonight! Next on the list to try homemade: bananas and zucchini!

November 23, 2009


It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is in a few days. I never believed people who said "enjoy every minute because time goes by so fast", but they were right. Teagan saw her first Christmas lights last night at the Shops at Legacy Tree Lighting Festival. The weather was in the 60's. Teagan was cozy in her stroller cover

The big tree lights were turned on at 6:30 and we made it JUST in time and saw it with our windows down, driving past looking for a parking spot. Having a baby also makes it hard to be anywhere on time. We had that problem before Teagan was born, so now it's even harder! After we found a parking spot we walked through a huge crowd to get to Mi Cocina and have dinner with Brody, Gabe and Lindsay. After dinner we took a few pictures by the big tree. Walking back to our car the lights caught Teagan's attention and she stared for a while as we pushed her past in her stroller.

This lighting makes me think of the Carol of Lights in Lubbock. Not nearly as good but it's as close to home as it gets.
We can't wait to take Teagan to that!

Mom, Dad and Carter will arrive on Wednesday for Thanksgiving! We are very Thankful they are able to come and spend time with us. I am also thankful I will be able to eat Mom's cooking this year! Last year Adam and I stayed here and had Thanksgiving just the 2 of us. I attempted Mom's recipes- it's just not the same!
I will enjoy helping cook and I found 2 new recipes we are anxious to make: Pumpkin Turtle Cheesecake and Pumpkin Spice Muffins with vanilla pudding and cream cheese in the center. Will be so yummy with coffee! Thanks Mom for bringing your coffee maker also since we are in need of a better one! On Friday we hope to see Aunt Linda, Uncle Alex, Hannah and Colt since they will be here for the Tech vs. Baylor game Saturday. Adam, Carter and Dad will attend the game at the new Cowboys stadium! Should be fun!
I am also very thankful that I can stay home this week and enjoy my time with Teagan. She has developed such a funny little personality and I love being able to see it during the day!
On the agenda for today:
-Clean out my purses and shoes.
-Take them to Plato's Closet and try to sell them!
-Go to Saxby's to get a Snickerdoodle latte!

Adam and I also wanted to say how much we love and appreciate everyone in our lives. Adam's Aunt Teri passed away last week and we are thankful he was able to go spend time with family. I'm sorry to Jeremy and Shelby for your loss and not being able to come with Teagan for the service. From what Adam told me it was beautiful and a perfect celebration of life. We will miss Teri but cannot deny how happy and free she must be now! I can only imagine how wonderful a reunion between her and Scott it must have been! We are thankful for the time we got to spend with them. All our love XOXO

November 8, 2009


Daddy always makes me smile!

I LOVE spending Sunday with my 2 favorite people! We get a lot accomplished on Sunday. It's time to start thinking that Sunday's get the week off to a great start! No more thinking Sunday's are dreadful because they are the end to the weekend...

November 7, 2009

Rolling over and Trade days

Today we went to a Holiday Trade days type thing at a Jr High down the street with Brooke, Gavin, Brooke's mom, Lindsay and Brody! It was fun except for when we were leaving 3 bees found my sonic cherry coke and landed on it while it was in the cup holder of the stroller. I stood there in the parking lot for a while planning how I was going to get the cup out of the cup holder without getting stung and then proceed to fold up the stroller and place it in the back of my car quickly! I was shaking so bad when I finally decided to grab the cup and throw it away from the stroller and RUN! Teagan was already safe in the car but I was still worried that the bees would find their way inside the car and sting her! Thank goodness we got away without any stings. I'm sure if people were watching they got a good laugh.

At the Jr. High 3 ladies came up to Teagan and told her how pretty she was and how much they loved her flower. She looked at them for a second..thought about it.... then started crying! It's the new stage she's going through with certain strangers. I feel bad but I guess it's her way of telling them she isn't in the mood for them to get in her face!!

Here she is rolling over!

October 31, 2009


Teagan was a leopard for Halloween this year! We went to Gabe and Lindsay's house and watched the end of the Tech game then walked around the neighborhood with Teagan and Brody. Their neighborhood had tons of kids and grown ups dressed up trick or treating. Sadly, we don't see that in our neighborhood. We had fun over there! Brooke, Steven, and Gavin were there for a little while too. Long enough to get a picture of the 3 together! Gavin was an adorable skunk and Brody was a very cute scarecrow! Happy Halloween!

Teagan giving kisses

October 27, 2009

She rolled over! 10-26-09

She rolled over tummy to back! Yay!! We got out the camera but of course she didn't do it again...

October 25, 2009

Green Beans

Teagan had her hand raised the whole time I was feeding her ?? in my classroom holding up your hand with 2 fingers raised like this indicates you would like to go get a drink of water...

Yummy!! She liked them! Took a couple tries but she kept opening her mouth. At one point she had them on her nose and then before I could wipe them off she sniffed and they went up! Today we had a couple of sneezes where bright green came out. Tonight we had green beans again and this time had them with only a diaper on. I am learning! Forget the cute bibs, the food gets EVERYwhere!! Bella also enjoyed the left over green beans that I forgot to pick up off the ground and take to the sink. Wondering why she was in the living room for so long....OH the little bowl was still on the floor and licked clean. Gross!
Teagan was such a good baby last night when we decided to go to Saltgrass for dinner. She was awake the whole time (45 minute wait) and all through dinner. During the wait a little boy came over to us and asked if she was a boy or girl. Then he informed us he'd like a baby brother. We were wondering where this kids parents were. He was 6 and Adam got a taste of what I deal with each day. 20 of him! He was talking our ears off and then his little sister Rose who was 4 came and sat RIGHT next to me and Teagan. She was practically in my lap too! Asked if she could hold Teagan! haha She got so upset when I said that she was too little for her to hold. She then decided she'd like to put Teagan's pacifier in and out of Teagan's mouth. Can you imagine my face? Trying to be very polite. Well after handling all of Teagan's toys that we had out and holding our pager for when they were ready to seat us I jumped up to go "change her diaper." OH! Rose also wanted to come! Thankfully the mom said 'no' but then I left her there with Adam and her chatty brother. The parents were thinking it was the cutest thing ever- how much she loves babies! I come back to find we STILL hadn't been called to our table and Adam was still sitting by the boy. Rose was in time out for twisting Teagan's carseat straps and slapping her mom's hand when her mom told her to stop doing that! WOW what an experience!

The video is kind of long but towards the end you'll catch an adorable smile and a little gag on the green beans!

October 24, 2009

Welcome Autumn

I am officially going to keep this blog updated!
October is almost over! Where did the time go? Teagan is now 4 months old. We had her 4 month shots on Tuesday and she was not so tough this time. At 2 months she didn't even cry. Just a little disapproving scream at the end of the last shot. This time she cried real tears and screamed while the Dr. examined her. She has found her voice and loves to TALK! In the car on the way to Mrs. Holley's each morning she will coo all the way there. Sometimes to lull herself to sleep but other times just to hear herself! Or running errands- lots of talking! She is changing every day and it has been fun watching her learn new things and develop a little personality! She is sitting up well...not on her own yet without tumbling over but in her Bumbo, in her stroller, and her jumper has become a big favorite to sit in and play!
She is very close to rolling over! We are anxious to see this happen!
We are starting her on green beans tonight! We've done cereal now for a couple of weeks, twice a day, and she has the hang of opening her mouth and taking it on the spoon. It's so cute when she turns her head to signal that she's had enough! We will need a highchair soon. She is sitting in her bouncer and Bumbo to eat now.

Here are some recent pictures and also a link to view some Holiday photos that we had taken in Plano last weekend with the same photographer that took her 9 day old pictures. To view her 9 day old pictures our password is colberg, under client proofs.
Christmas cards will be sent out in November, hopefully! Adam has to work the days before and after Thanksgiving so we wouldn't be able to travel to Lubbock to spend the holiday there, so mom dad and Carter will come out here! We are very excited to see them and have Thanksgiving at our house this year!
Unfortunately I waited to do report cards until last minute so today I am working on those and going up to school tomorrow with Teagan, while Adam is at soccer, to get things ready and organized for next week. Not such a relaxing weekend but Halloween weekend will be fun and enjoyable! Can't wait to get Teagan a costume!

September 26, 2009

Recent pictures

August 30, 2009

First Saturday of the School Year

Yesterday we had a great Saturday together! Teagan woke up- sat in her bouncer on the kitchen counter while I made Lemon Poppy seed muffins and scrambled eggs for breakfast. She laughed and cooed. Then she fell asleep so I put her in her swing (which she LOVES!) I took a video of that. She is mesmerized by the lights and the sounds of birds and crickets. I still need to get a water noise CD. She is very still and calm when she hears running water. Except if its the bath water! She kicks her feet and gets really excited when she knows its bath time! After her nap she woke up and came and sat in the bathroom while I showered and got dressed for the day. She is very entertained by her hands lately and puts them in her mouth a lot. Now her chewing on her hands is not so much a hunger cue anymore :) We left around 11:45 to meet Adam on his lunch break. He had to work yesterday :( but had a good day for a Saturday. 3 loans. We met at the Shops in Legacy and tried a new salad place called Salada. It was REALLY good. Thanks Lindsay for the recommendation! We will definitely be going back. It's a line where you choose your lettuce, veggies, fruit, nuts, all sorts of different flavored chicken, shrimp, dressing. It's in this huge bowl and really good. Their Passion Green Tea is also very good! After lunch we met Brooke and Gavin at Stonebriar in an attempt to get my phone fixed at the new Apple store. I couldn't figure out why it was freezing and the screen would go black when someone would be calling on call waiting. Well the guy said I have missed 2 updates. Oops! Needless to say I am glad I didn't have to be in the Apple store long because it was a zoo! We wandered around for a while and then decided to go to Target which is always fun! Teagan is such a trooper when we shop. She sleeps and I hold things up to her to see if they might fit. She is now wearing Carter's Medium (3-6) month. She is a healthy girl! I'm still nursing and hope to continue for as long as my body will produce. When we came home from shopping we had some play time and waited for Adam to get home. I love the weekends now and really look forward to the time spent with her. I look forward to Sunday's when we can attend church as a family. Even though I am going up to school today (Sunday) after church, Teagan will be there with me and she'll motivate me to hurry up, plan and get out of there!!

I'm trying to upload a video from yesterday but I need to make it shorter...its been trying to upload all day! The file is too big. I'll post it tonight!

August 25, 2009

School Year Begins

I apologize for the lack of posting on our blog! We've been extremely busy with Teagan being awake more and getting back to work and figuring out how to get everything ready the night before to make for a much less hectic morning! Thanks to Mom I had a great "Academy Week" at school. She was amazing! Making me a healthy breakfast each morning and packing good things for me to snack on during the day. Going to get coffee in the morning- Market Street has much better coffee than our coffee maker! Mom was super woman- taking great care of Teagan, keeping a detailed schedule of her day, making lunch when I would come home during my lunch break, coming up to school with me and helping me get my room ready for Meet the Teacher night while also taking care of Teagan there! I could not have done it without you!! Thank you.
Today marks the 2nd day of the 2009-2010 school year. I came home in tears yesterday. I won't lie, leaving Teagan during the day is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Sending her to a complete stranger and just trusting that she will take the best care of our precious baby is very difficult. Teagan is doing great though as we knew she would! She has fallen into a good little pattern/schedule and is sleeping for 6 hours during the night- which is a wonderful thing! We are still finding ourselves exhausted though when we come home from the day. I have 21 students in my class this year. I have been blessed with some GREAT students this year, but then there are also always those challenging ones :o) The first few weeks are always hard and very busy with trying to establish your rules and routine with the students, but also diving into the curriculum and doing pre-assessments to see where they are. They are catching on quickly and I am feeling more confident my 2nd year with MISD. I was talking with someone the other day and I can't believe I've already been teaching for 4 years. The time is flying by!
Adam and I are really enjoying watching Teagan attempt to talk and her smile lights up her whole face. She is such an angel. Who knew we could love something so much! Here is a video we took of her tonight while we were in the kitchen waiting on our homemade pizza to cook!

August 10, 2009


It has been a long time since I've posted! We can't believe Teagan is already 2 months old! Tomorrow I will take her to her 2 month appointment where the dreaded shots are given :( She is sure to shed a tear which I saw today, they have finally come and it is heartbreaking. We returned yesterday from Horseshoe Bay lake in Marble Falls where we spent the week with my mom and her 3 sisters. Then the guys met us on Friday for the weekend. Here's a picture of the crew:

We were sad to leave and come back to the reality that is setting in...summer is coming to an end. I am having a hard time realizing that I won't be spending my days with Teagan. We start back this Thursday officially. Where did the time go?
I will post more pictures as they are sent to me by mom, Aunt Linda and Aunt Patty. Adam brought the camera with him Friday and I only took a few shots:

My mom and dad saying their goodbye to Teagan, Uncle Carter with Teagan (my little brother), the cousins and brother playing in the lake, and Teagan making funny faces inside lake house with Daddy taking the pictures

July 21, 2009

All Pictures!

Here is the link to Teagan's newborn pics. Enter site and go to Client Proofs. Password is colberg. We LOVE them!!

July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

We hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th! Oh how things have changed since last 4th of July, for the better, of course!
Teagan dressed for the festivities

We had dinner at our friend's Gabe, Lindsay and Brody's beautiful new home in McKinney. They have been waiting for their house to be built and living in Colleyville. They are all moved in and we are glad they are back just down the road!
-This was while watching fireworks-

Shane and Kelly brought the best brisket tacos. They are expecting twins in September/October! We can't wait to meet the babies (1 boy, 1 girl)!!

Brooke, Stephen and Gavin were also with us! Stephen was the first brave one to taste my new recipes :) Corn dog muffins (really good if you like corn dogs, and I do!) and for dessert Pretzel Strawberry bars- also turned out good! I really enjoy cooking and trying new recipes but wow is it hard to do all of that in between Teagan's naps. It'll get better when I get faster. And thank goodness Adam was also there to help!

I hate that it's so blurry because the picture is so cute!

After dessert we sat around for a little while with the babies

Then we all went to the Craig Ranch area to watch fireworks. We headed home fairly early to get to bed in a hurry! I was exhausted yesterday and also today feeling very tired. Teagan has been up from 1-4 both nights previous and just wide awake curiously looking around. She is the sweetest little girl and is enjoying her snuggle time with Daddy before back to work tomorrow. Today is the perfect day for this....It's raining on and off and very overcast.

July 4, 2009

Teagan's newborn pics!

A good friend of ours recommended Betsy. Here is her blog and you can see a few of the pictures....there will be more to come on her website soon!

June 23, 2009

Teagan Michele Arrives!

Sorry for the delay in posting! It has been a crazy week! We are so glad our little girl is healthy and arrived into this world on Wednesday June 17, 2009. What a special day to remember!!

Hospital picture- 8 lbs 14 oz

Who would have ever guessed that was how big she was! She was squished up in my belly so tight. It is so strange that one day I had a big shelf and now there is nothing there. It has been very nice to be able to sleep on my right side again as well as my back. The recovery process from the hospital has not been a bad one. I am now off my pain medicine and only taking Motrin as needed for cramping pains associated with nursing. Teagan is doing great with eating and goes every 1-2 hours in between last feedings. Every newborn has a goal of 8-12 feedings in a 24 hour period and she is eating about 14 feedings so we are on track! Our first doctor appointment is this Friday at 10! We love our pediatrician. He came to visit us in the hospital and talked to Adam all about his family and 3 year old little boy. He and his wife also have another one on the way. It's nice having a "family oriented doctor" since he has most likely been there and knows what it is like to go through this amazing experience!

Daddy watching Teagan warm up after the nurse bathed her

Adam will return to work a half day on Friday to make sure he is all ready to go Monday when he starts back. I am having a hard time thinking about him leaving us during the day because he has been amazing. I couldn't have married a better man and now he has exceeded my expectations as a father and spouse. Waking up in the night with me even though all there is to do is feed her. He changes her diapers and lets me get all set up and ready to nurse. He always asks if I need anything and jumps up to go get the things we might need. He is wonderful and what a great Father's day- just in time!

Teagan on Father's day June 21, 2009

We had both sets of grandparents here on the night before we went into the hospital (Tuesday June 16). My parents left Saturday morning and Adam's left Sunday afternoon. Adam and I are very thankful for all of the things they did for us. You hear so many "over bearing grandparent"stories from other people but Adam and I can honestly say we had wonderful memories and experiences with Teagan's grandparents and we loved every minute they were here! Thank you Mom, Dad, Chuck and Lynn.

Teagan with Grandparents

First Bath
She likes them! Thank goodness!!